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Re: The Bit-Torent servers are so slow, just wondering why?

Steve Lamb wrote:
> [ CCing OP since Wouter changed lists ]
>>On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 11:01:00AM -0400, jimmckenzie wrote:
>>>I'm trying to Download the 301r0a ISO's for the DVD's of Debian Linux for 
>>>x86.  It seems to downloading at dial up speed and I have a Cable Modem 
>>>that can do better 768.  It's no T1 but it's pretty dang fast.  Why is the 
>>>download taking so long?  I'd rather D/L 2 DVD ISO's as opposed to 14 CD-R 
>>>ISO's.  Bit Torrent is estimating that it will take about 5 days to 
>>>download the First ISO, I shudder to think about the Second one.
>>>What can I do to speed up the Download Stream?
>     Ensure that the port that Bittorent is on (7000-7010 is the common range)
> is connectable by the outside world through any firewalls you have.
> Bittorrent is a tit-for-tat network.  IE, your speeds go up for a particular
> torrent the more you send data out for that torrent.  If you're not
> connectable it makes it extremely hard to make enough connections to keep data
> flowing in both directions.
>     Along the same vein make sure you're not limiting your upload bandwidth
> too much or leaving it wide open.  If you can, setting about 80% the maximum
> of your outbound bandwidth would yield excellent results.

I second that. Make sure the ports your bittorrent client is using are
open(enable port forwarding too if you are behind a router). Check your
config or clients documentation to see which ports it uses.

I downloaded 3.01r0a DVD ISOs about a month ago, and was getting speeds
or the order of 250kBps.

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