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Re: OT: linux smartphone in Europe?

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 10:24:55AM -0300, Francisco Borges wrote:

> I'm a (debian) linux user since 95 and yesterday my mobile phone
> died. Today I went to look at new mobiles.
> I did find a very cheap smartphone... but it's running Windows and I
> DO KNOW that using a mobile running Windows would damage /my/ mental
> health. 
> Does anyone knows of an (affordable) Linux smartphone sold in Europe??
> All references I find regard linux phones in Asia or US.
> If anyone can point me to a more suitable forum for this question I
> would also be grateful.

I attend Cebit in Hannover Germany earlier this year and there
Motorola had a Motorola A780 which they said would be available in
Europe in April 2005.  I was only in Europe for three weeks and I
don't know whether it actually was made available.  I wish Motorola
will bring it to South Africa!

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