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Re: Gnome/Nautilus question...

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Andy Anderson wrote:
> I'd like to change the default app for worksheet files from Gnumeric
> to OpenOffice Calc.  I've looked at the help for Nautilus and it says
> to use the "File Types and Programs Preferences" (or something like
> that - I'm not using my Debian PC right now), but I can't seem to
> find that particular tool.
> There is also some info about right-clicking a file name and using
> the context menu to change the default app for that type of file,
> but that doesn't seem to work either.
> Am I just missing something? (It wouldn't be the first time.)  Is
> there a package I need to add?  Is the preference app on the disk
> but just not in the menus?
> I *am* getting pretty proficient at right-clicking and choosing
> "Open with OpenOffice Calc," but I'd really prefer to change the
> default behavior.

You don't say which version of Gnome you're using. I'm using Gnome 2.10
and, as such, these instructions apply to it.

You're almost there. Right-click on the file you want opened. Then,
choose "Properties" from the context-menu. When the Properties dialog
opens, click the "Open with" tab. You should then see a list of programs
with which you can open the file (or you can add a program). Simply
click the radio button next to the program you want. Click close and
that program will be the default for opening that type of file from now on.

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