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Re: Embedded SQL with Postgres

On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 06:34:47PM +0200, Stephan Meyen wrote:
} I installed postgresql (7.4.7) on a Debian testing (PowerPC). I'm going
} to use embedded SQL. I found the ecpg libraries as well as the headers,
} but I cannot find any program to precompiele my *.pgc files. The
} Postgres docs say that a program called 'ecpg' should come with a normal
} postgres instalation, but I didn't find any. I've already tried every
} package that might sound like ecpg or postgres without success.

Are you compiling legacy embedded SQL, or are you developing new code?
Embedded SQL was one of those bad ideas that existed because there was
nothing better at the time. Nowadays I'd recommend using either ODBC
(see unixodbc, unixodbc-bin, unixodbc-dev, and odbc-postgresql) or
something like Qt's DB support.

If you must use embedded SQL, the libecpg-dev package includes/depends on
the necessary libraries, headers, and ESQL preprocessor (ecpg).

} Stephan

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