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Re: Inexpensive hardware SATA RAID suggestions?

Am 2005-07-30 12:13:13, schrieb jennyw:
> Anyone care to recommend SATA RAID controllers?

3Ware 3w8000-2LP        In germany around 120 Euro

> However, it also seems that there some RAID hardware uses other drivers, 
> such as 3Ware (of course, I'm not sure that 3Ware counts as inexpensive, 

3Ware driver up to 3w85xx are in the Kernel included.
The 3w9xxx is curently missing.

> plus I'm having trouble with a 3Ware card right now and am not yet sure 
> whether it's a driver problem or a problem with the card).

3Ware works since Debian Potato 2.2 with ALL kernels.

Maybe its your card...

> Another question: Is it safe to assume that SATA RAID controllers support 
> hot-swapping of drives?

No, but all 3Ware support it.
But you need special HotSWAP SATA racks

> Thanks!
> Jen


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