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Re: Inexpensive hardware SATA RAID suggestions?

On (30/07/05 12:13), jennyw wrote:
> Anyone care to recommend SATA RAID controllers?
> I'd like to setup a relatively inexpensive box with hardware RAID 1. The 
> system will use Sarge. I was wondering if anyone had hardware suggestions.
> I found a SATA RAID FAQ at:
> http://linux.yyz.us/sata/sata-status.html
> Reading through the list, it looks the best supported hardware might be 
> AHCI which looks like it's currently only used by Intel and ULi chipsets. 
> However, it also seems that there some RAID hardware uses other drivers, 
> such as 3Ware (of course, I'm not sure that 3Ware counts as inexpensive, 
> plus I'm having trouble with a 3Ware card right now and am not yet sure 
> whether it's a driver problem or a problem with the card).
> If anyone cares to share their experience with AHCI chipsets, that'd be 
> great! If you have good experiences with some other hardware RAID I'd of 
> course love to hear about it, too. Please keep in mind I want to keep the 
> system cost as low as possible, so I'm not too interested in high-end stuff 
> right now (although it might be interesting for future reference).
> Another question: Is it safe to assume that SATA RAID controllers support 
> hot-swapping of drives?

Can't help directly with your question other than to ask why Hardware
Raid?  There have been a number of posts recently on problems setting up
RAID on so called RAID controllers; if you search the archives, you'll
find some useful info on the shortcomings of 'cheap' Raid controllers;
generally they don't provide full RAID functionality.

FWIW, I've got software RAID1 on 6 servers (2 with SATA drives) and
they've all worked fine since setup using mdadm.  I followed guidance
from the first 3 links below.  Generally, IIRC, I disabled any so called
hardware RAID functionality in the BIOS or jump switches.


You don't need fancy new H/W for this ;)



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