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Inexpensive hardware SATA RAID suggestions?

Anyone care to recommend SATA RAID controllers?

I'd like to setup a relatively inexpensive box with hardware RAID 1. The system will use Sarge. I was wondering if anyone had hardware suggestions.

I found a SATA RAID FAQ at:


Reading through the list, it looks the best supported hardware might be AHCI which looks like it's currently only used by Intel and ULi chipsets. However, it also seems that there some RAID hardware uses other drivers, such as 3Ware (of course, I'm not sure that 3Ware counts as inexpensive, plus I'm having trouble with a 3Ware card right now and am not yet sure whether it's a driver problem or a problem with the card).

If anyone cares to share their experience with AHCI chipsets, that'd be great! If you have good experiences with some other hardware RAID I'd of course love to hear about it, too. Please keep in mind I want to keep the system cost as low as possible, so I'm not too interested in high-end stuff right now (although it might be interesting for future reference).

Another question: Is it safe to assume that SATA RAID controllers support hot-swapping of drives?



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