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Re: how to add new window manager to display manager?

Mr Mike on 29/07/05 05:48, wrote:
After compiled fluxbox and installed it, I noticed there is no entry for
'fluxbox' in gdm and wdm. However, the debian pkg can automatically add that
I wonder which file to configure to make those display managers recognize the
newly installed windows manager?

/usr/share/xsessions/ directory contains the *.desktop files used by gdm. I just cp an_existing_one.desktop to fluxbox.desktop and edited its'
content so it is appropriate for fluxbox.  One note...  If you plan to use
the ~/.fluxbox/startup file, then the exec and try exec lines in the
.desktop file should reference startfluxbox NOT fluxbox.  Also, the last
command in the ~/.fluxbox/autostart file should be exec fluxbox.

I might also recommend using the apps file to control the startup of all
your apps.  It allows you to place them on the workspace you want them in
instead of them all coming up in your first workspace...  It can also
control a great deal of other attributes of the window state...

Hi Mr Mike,
I was looking for info about this sort of config for ages without finding anything until I saw this mail. Your email is tantalisingly close to helping me, but not quite.

Currently I have openbox running, but I have to restart it everytime I start gnome. How would I configure it to be automatic? Or even better, how could I configure something like selectwm to allow me to choose?


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