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Need some help setting up Icybox Cardreader IB-801


I have some trouble setting up a cardreader. More accurately I think I
am bumbing up against some USB limit. The thing is I have a system with
4 USB ports on the backplane and 2 USB ports on the side on the case.
The Icybox I am trying to install has 2 USB ports and a 8-in-1
cardreader that's connected through a separate USB port. All USB ports
seem to be working just fine, but the cardreader is not. I tested it
using an Ubuntu live CD when I bought it, so I know it is supported.

At first I thought the cardreader wouldn't send any notifications to the
kernel when inserted, but when I unplugged the 2 USB ports of the icybox
and reinserted the cardreader (it is a removable device that fits in a
cradle) suddenly I did see the lines I was hoping for popping up in the
log. So it does send the notifications, but somehow it is not seen when
all ports are connected.

That makes me think that maybe there's a limit of 8 USB ports. Am I
right there? If so, how do I disable specific ports? I'd like to use the
ports that are most accessible and disable 2 of the ports on the
backplane if possible. 

Is this something I should even try to do from within the OS, or should
I try to do this through the BIOS (I tried but didn't see how)? I
couldn't find the answers to this in the USB docs over at LDP. I hope
someone on the list can given me some hints to get me started. At the
moment I am not really sure what my options are and what the best
choices are.

Grx HdV

P.S. The Icybox connects to USB ports itself.
     The mobo is ASUS A8V Deluxe.

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