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Re: recover files after mkdosfs

Am 29.07.2005 um 00:08 schrieb Joubin Moshrefzadeh:
> oops... i did what I'm sure everyone warns against...
> I'd backed up all my movies/music on /dev/hdb3 and created /dev/hdb7, and 
> sure enough, I mistakenly pointed mkdosfs at /dev/hdb3 instead of the newly 
> created partition.
> any thoughts or suggestions on how I can find/recover some of the files that 
> were on /dev/hdb3 ???
> I guess its not so much that the drive is reformatted, but i just rewrote 
> the file allocation table... damn! so is there any tool that can go throgh 
> the drive and search out pre-existing files/folders?

What file system has been there before?  If it is ext2/3 you have
chances to recover a good part of your data.  I do not know about

Leave the original partition alone.  Do not write to it, if you want
more than one try!  Copy the partition's contents into a file on
another partition blockwise, then run e2fsck on that image file.

You may need to specify an alternative superblock with the -b
option.  When e2fsck thinks, that the filesystem is consistent,
mount the image file with "-t ext2 -o loop".  If you're lucky,
you'll end up with a lot of files and directories in "lost+found".

Good Luck, and think about a good backup strategy soon!

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