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Re: Server crashing (revisited)

Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> Hopefully those people who replied to this issue earlier can respond.
> If you recall I had a problem with a server crashing (read below). I 
> started doing a memtest on the server itself while operating. It has 
> been running now 3 days. The server has not once crashed that whole 
> time. But this morning I stopped the memtest. Zero errors were  reported
> out of some 300+ tests. Then within minutes, it crashed. Now  isn't that
> peculiar?
> Any explanation out there?

I haven't followed this thread closely.  What kind of cpu are you
running?  Could it be overheating.  Are all of your fans operating
properly (cpu/power supply).   Has any hardware been added since the
crashes started?   Any significant O/S upgrades (new kernel)?

Everything look seated properly (disk cables/memory chips/cpus).

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