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Re: guidelines to post on debian-user --- draft 1

Jonathan Kaye wrote:

En/La kamaraju kusumanchi ha escrit, a 21/07/05 06:59:
I would like to hear input from fellow Debianites on the following
document titled "guidelines to post on debian-user" hosted at

I have indicated the areas where I need help by comments similar to
"Explain why this should be so", "provide the relevant links" etc., It
would be nice if someone can provide some text/links in such areas.

I dont know whether the one hour I spent in writing this document is
useful or not, but anyway better try than not doing anything. Do you
think such a document would be of any use?

raju (keeping his fingers crossed)

Hi Raju,
Thanks a lot for your effort. It's appreciated. One thing: who is this
addressed to? I think you have words of advice for both people seeking
help and those offering it. My suggestion would be to separate the two
into two different sections or even two different files.
Hmmm, interesting comment. I think it is addressed to anyone who is trying to post something on the debian-user. The targeted audience are people who are new to debian-user (not necessarily new to Debian or Linux). Right now there are only #11 sections altogether and I am adding more as the suggestions keep coming. Once this stabilizes, I will try to organize it as you say.

People access debian.user via a list or a newsgroup. I'd suggest (if
this is doable) sending out a version of this with each news
subscription to the list. For the newsgroup, posting the latest version
under the heading: "Advice on posting to this list/newsgroup (update)",
say once a month. Maybe both of these things could be automated, I don't
Dont know how to do it. May be others can comment on this. If the repeated monthly posting is possible, I would suggest to post 2 things in that message. First, the actual file. Second, the changes that have been made from the previous version. The first is useful for new users who have not read the document before. The second is useful for old users who already have read the previous version.

Thanks for your feedback

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
Graduate Student, MAE
Cornell University

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