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Re: Migration to new HD: "unable to open an initial console"

Matthijs wrote:

I've followed the Debian harddisk-upgrade HowTo, changed fstab
according to the above, installed grub on the new harddisk according
to a posting here by Mitchell Laks (thanks for that!).

Then I switched the machine off, removed the old harddisk, switched
the new harddisk from slave to master and turned the machine on.

Grub executed OK, there's a lot of info scrolling over the screen. At
some point there's a message, something like 'mounting /dev/hda1
read-only' (don't know exactly since it isn't logged anywhere)

The next message is where it ends: 'unable to open an initial

The problem seems to be that some console device is required before
any udev devices are created.

I've solved this by copying all the devices from a live filesystem
onto /dev of the cloned drive, but you probably only need xconsole
or something similar.

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