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Re: OT: Archives nearly useless? (Google doing evil?)

Marty on 19/07/05 21:26, wrote:
I tried experimenting with the debian list archive search engine at
http://lists.debian.org/search.html to locate some arbitrary threads
and it seems an useless as it's always been, even more so than the
sourceforge search engine.

I use lists.debian.org all the time and find it quite sufficient for my purposes. Without wanting to patronise anybody, you do realise that you have to (quote):

Words separated by a space are searched for together. Separating them with a comma will find files containing either one. Separating them with a semicolon will find files containing both. More complex patterns are possible.

so basically if I wanted to find this thread, I would enter


and select 'user' and the last quarter and it would find it.


Linux 2.6.11 Debian

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