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Re: exim4 clientside authentication

2005/7/19, Charles Hallenbeck <chuckh@hhs48.com>:
> The instructions seem straightforward in README.SMTP-AUTH, but I am
> failing to authenticate when sending mail to my ISP's SMTP server, which
> requires plain text authentication (verizon.net).
> This looks to me like authentication has not been attempted, rather than
> a failed authentication attempt. Am I overlooking something? Must I
> replace my exim4 lite with the heavy package?

It might be that you forgot to change the "client send" entry from
"only over encrypted lines" to "whatever".

from the exim4.conf.template

# Because AUTH LOGIN sends the password in clear, per default we only allow it·
# over encrypted connections. If you want to change this disable the existing· 
# "client send" entry and enable the one below without the "if !eq{$tls_cipher}
# by removing the hash-mark (#) at the beginning of the line.·

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