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Re: K3b should be run as ROOT!

On Sunday 17 July 2005 09:24, Benjamin Sher wrote:
> Dear friends:
> The question has come up whether K3b should be run as user or as root.
> After being admonished not to run it as root, I changed my setting back to
> user. Now, when I tried to run it, I got an error message from the author
> urging me to run it as root only. Here is the screenshot:
> http://www.websher.net/temp/k3b1.jpg
> I knew I had seen this message before but couldn't quite recall during our
> brief discussion of this issue on the list. Fortunately, we can now see it
> again. So, I am back to running K3b as root.
> Benjamin

It says:
Solution: Use K3BSeup . . .

This means:
Run K3BSetup as root. Clicking on it (in the K3B menu, or somewhere in a KDE 
Kmenu system/utilities folder) should ask for a password. If not, log in as 
root (or, open a Konsole/Terminal, type 'su', enter the password, and type 

Hmm. . . I just checked my Ubuntu install of K3B and do not see the k3bsetup 
program anywhere. In Debian, apt-cache search k3b, and see if k3bsetup is 

What k3bsetup does:
sets permissions on your cd writer
sets setuid bit for cdrecord

Not Needed (unless you have an old system)
Why? cdrecord is run as root to prevent buffer underruns--coasters--but, 2.6 
kernels (esp. with post 2002 systems) do a decent job of preventing coasters 
without help from a superuserID cdrecord. 
Does cdrecord need suid bit (to allow it to run as root)? The advice I have 
seen a while back says it is not needed as much as it once was. (I believe 
part of the issue used to be the interaction of cdrecord with the 2.4 kernel 
scheduler. The 2.6 kernel scheduler--notably preempt--fixed some of the issue 
that caused recommendations that cdrecord be run as root.)

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