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Re: nvidia binary driver locks up computer

> I have an nforce2 system, and I'm using the onboard AGP graphics. I am
> running sid, 2.6.11-1-k7, nvidia binary drivers 7174. (The nv driver
> works, but it's much slower than the binary driver, I can't use my TV
> tuner card because it strains my system too much without the nvidia
> closed-source binary drivers and I'd like to be able to use RandR.)
> I've had this problem with Kde 3.3 as well as kde 3.4.1. 
> I've had this problem with 2.6.10-?-k7.
> I've had this problem with xfree86 and now I find that it persists into
> xorg.
> The machine boots fine and  I see the nvidia logo and kdm comes up. I
> type my name and password and the machine locks up during the phase
> where it sets up interprocess communication. The lock up requires the
> application of the reset button.
> If I disable the KDE start up screen, I can get logged in OK. If I run
> glxgears, I see the good fps numbers due to the acceleration. If I shut
> down glxgears, the machine locks up again. 
> In a nutshell, my problem is that whenever X tries to do something more
> esoteric with the card, X locks the machine up.

Darin, you don't say whether your machine is a desktop or laptop.  If
it's a desktop, try putting in a spare video card if you have one.  If
you don't have one on hand, you can probably find one comparable to your
integrated graphics for < $100.  I know this is undesirable, but it may
be worth the cost to get up and running again.

There's a list of general troubleshooting tips for the Nvidia drivers at

I see a lot of reports from laptop users about black screens or lockups
with Nvidia video hardware.  Many report problems, few report solutions.  

Good luck, and let us know if you solve it.

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