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Re: Domain question

--- Rob Brenart <debian@oculardata.com> wrote:

> So I have a handful of computers at home, turning
> into a home office... 
> servers are debian sarge, laptops are WindowsXP....
> I set the domain for 
> the debian machines as ODS, but as of right now I
> haven't done any such 
> thing for the XP machines because they complain
> about there not being a 
> PDC for that domain.
> I don't really care yet about any kind of
> centralized user management or 
> whatnot, what I care about is for the machines to be
> able to see each 
> other by machinename... right now I have to go by
> IP, which aren't 
> reserved so it's kind of a pain.
> So is there a quick way to this solution, or do I
> need to turn a debian 
> box into a PDC, can I even do that?
You can achieve what you want with SAMBA , a very good
article that talks about configure yor samba as Domain
Controller is at:


Also I think worthily to configure bind9 as a caching
only server and include you names for your machines.


Enjoy, hope this helps.


Sergio Basurto J.

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