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GNUstep still kicking?

I've recently come back to Debian after several years of disappointing
work on other platforms (mainly Mac). In the past, I had used
Windowmaker as my window manager and a few GNUstep apps (GNUmail,

Is GNUstep still a useful platform; is it popular? I see that there
have been some recent releases of the API tools, but sometimes it's
difficult to tell how pervasive a platform is. "Actively developed"
can sometimes mean that three hackers continue to work on something
that everyone else has abandoned :D

I no longer have time to spend hours tweaking config files, and thus
prefer an integrated desktop environment, but GNOME and KDE are too
bulky for my PIII-650 / 320MB workstation. I've not tried XFCE yet,
but hear good things.

I really do enjoy the NeXT/OPEN/AFTER/step environment, but don't want
to get reacquainted with something that's dying a slow death :(

Thanks for any tips


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