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Re: MPlayer Configuration and GTK

On 05/07/05, Seeker5528 <seeker5528@comcast.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 22:02:33 -0400
> "David R. Litwin" <presently42@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Christian Marillat maintains some mplayer packages:
> > >
> > > deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main
> > > deb-src http://perso.wanadoo.fr/debian/ unstable main
> >
> > Are you suggesting, then, that I should try adding those to
> > sources.list and apt-get install mplayer? (And, by the bye, what is
> > the difference between deb and deb-src? What is the source?)
> If looks like Marillat compiles his packages with live-media support
> so if the reason for compiling your own is to get that in, then you
> could just apt-get the marillat packages and be done with it. At least
> it seems worth a shot.;) He does supply packages for tesing and stable
> as well, so replace unstable with whatever you happen to be using.
> Both of these archives belong to Marillat, I don't know why they point
> to different web addresses. As with Debian it's self deb archives are
> binary packages and deb-src archives are source packages. So when you
> do the command line:
> apt-get source mplayer
> : it would pull from the deb-src address and download to the directory
> you ran the command from.
> Marillat provides other related packages as well w32codecs, transcode,
> mozilla plugin, and some other media related packages.
> Later, Seeker

Well, after much fiddling around, I managed to get it to work. There
may be a problem with the sound level; I'm still working on that.

However, I am finding very slow indeed. Is this normal?

Thanky ou kindly for your assistance.

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