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Re: MPlayer Configuration and GTK

> Looking at my $HOME/.mplayer show me a gui.conf so the gui player can
> have a different config than the command line player. Maybe there is
> something there?

I think that could well be: I do not seem to have any thing in
/home/.mplayer save a Skin folder which I put there in a vain attempt
to make the Skins work.
> Christian Marillat maintains some mplayer packages:
> deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main
> deb-src http://perso.wanadoo.fr/debian/ unstable main
Are you suggesting, then, that I should try adding those to
sources.list and apt-get install mplayer? (And, by the bye, what is
the difference between deb and deb-src? What is the source?)

> : and the .dsc file from this looks like this:
> Format: 1.0
> Source: mplayer
> Version: 1:1.0-pre4-0.4
> Binary: mencoder-586, mplayer-386, mplayer-k7, mplayer-doc, mplayer-k6,
> mplayer-586, mplayer-nogui, mencoder-k6, mencoder-k7, mplayer-686
> Maintainer: Christian Marillat <marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr>
> Architecture: any Standards-Version: 3.6.0
> Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 3), libncurses5-dev, libsvga1-dev [i386],
>  libesd0-dev, libsdl1.2-dev, liblircclient-dev, libgtk1.2-dev,
> libvorbis-dev, libmad0-dev, sharutils, libasound2-dev, libfaad2-dev,
> liblzo-dev, gawk, libjpeg62-dev, libaudiofile-dev, libsmbclient-dev,
> libfribidi-dev, libpng-dev | libpng3-dev, libungif4-dev, libggi2-dev,
> aalib1-dev, liblame-dev, libcdparanoia0-dev, libxvidcore4-dev, libdv-
> dev, libavcodec1-dev, libcaca-dev, liblive.com-dev (>= 20031008),
> libfreetype6-dev, em8300-headers, libpostproc-dev (>= 0.90rc1-0.4),
> xlibmesa-dev | xlibmesa-gl-dev, libdirectfb-dev, libdvdread-dev |
> libdvdread2-dev, xlibmesa-dev | xlibmesa-glu-dev, libartsc0-dev |
> libarts-dev

I have no idea where (or what) that is, to be honest.

> But it looks like liblive.com-dev needs to be updated to liblivemedia-
> dev to reflect the current package names in his archive.


> Later, Seeker
As an aside, could you possibly mail the entire list in lieu of
replying to only me? That way, the entire Debian Comunity can benefit
from this (and I have seen other people have some troubles with
MPlayer). Fear not: I (and you) shall still be able to see the

Thank you Kindly.

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