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Re: removing exim also removes mysql-server-4.1

On Tuesday, 05.07.2005 at 14:43 -0400, Brad Sawatzky wrote:

> > when i do: 
> > 
> > apt-get --purge remvoe exim4
> > 
> > debian also wants to remove mysql-server-4.1.  why is this?  how can
> > i remove exim4 without removing mysql?
> I imagine mysql-server is complaining because it needs mailx, which in
> turn requires an MTA (like exim) to be installed.  You will have to
> have some MTA (exim, sendmail, ...) installed, even if it only handles
> mail between users on the local machine.

Yes, that's exactly the reason.  Had the same issue here a while back.
We might be able to suggest a means to deal with this cleanly if you
tell us about your motivations for removing exim ... do you want to do a
clean re-install of exim?  Install a different MTA?

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