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Re: what programe like chconfig as in redhat

Khanh Cao Van wrote:
> I'm news for debian and used to chkconfig in redhat to manage deamon
> scripts to startup at boottime or not . Could you please tell me what
> program in debian with the fuction like that ?

A couple of points...

People usually ask about chkconfig because they are used to other
distros where it is very hard to install something later.  So they
install everything they can at initial system install time and then
disable everything.  This is not the Debian way.  In Debian it is very
easy to remove and install software at any time.  Therefore there is
little need to keep everything installed just in case.

In Debian if you don't want a service running one generally removes it
with 'apt-get remove'.  If you want it running just install it again
with 'apt-get install' (or 'aptitude install').  Configuration files
are preserved across these actions so this is very easy.

In Debian there is no difference by default between the run levels.
The default runlevel is 2.  Everything is started in that runlevel by

If you really want to edit runlevels then the two programs useful for
this are sysvconf and rcconf.  They are quite different.  Try them
both and use the one you like.

  apt-get update
  apt-get install sysvconf rcconf


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