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Re: Squirrelmail and remote imap

On Saturday, 02.07.2005 at 04:16 +0530, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

>         I have a mail server with qmail + vpopmail + courier-imap installed and
> working properly. I have another server as a webserver working fine. I'm
> running Squirrelmail on the webserver. I've configured it to connect to the
> imap server for all mail related stuff.
> When I try to login using Squirrelmail it throws me back to the ERROR page
> with message "You must be logged in to access this page."
> A manual telnet session from the same webserver works fine.
> I don't think this to be the right question but to double check, Are there
> any add-on modules required for Squirrelmail to work with remote imap
> servers?

Nothing special AFAIK - you just put the appropriate server name into
"Server Settings" using /usr/sbin/squirrelmail-configure and you should
be all set.

However, the error you are getting is an authentication error which
might not be due to the IMAP server.  Double-check your username and
password.  Check that the host you are connecting from has a valid DNS
reverse lookup.

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