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Re: packet libmyodbc broken in SID?

On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 01:04:08PM +0200, Tim Ruehsen wrote:
> Hi,
> a few days before packet odbcinst1 has been replaced by odbcinst1debian1.
> In this process 'apt-get dist-upgrade' removed the packet libmyodbc. Of 
> course, my apps using MySQL via ODBC do not work any more.
> Trying to 'apt-get install libmyodbc' results in:
> ... file bug report ...
> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   libmyodbc: Depends: odbcinst1 but it is not installable
> E: Broken packages
> Before I file a bug report, I ask here for more information.
> Does anyone knows a work-around or how to solve the situation?
> Forcing the installation of libmyodbc does not really help. The MySQL server 
> drops the connection (no real error message).
> It is a SID (unstable) system. All packets are at the latest version 
> (unstable). 
Hi Tim,
you realize having the latest vesion means it has little or no testing.
sid is the most changing software stream and the most likely to have
software problems because it is where software is being tested. If you
want something to 'just work' Sarge would be idea. While many people run
sid beacuse it is the 'cutting edge', it has risks that may cause apps
to stop working from time to time. It you (can/want to) handle this, ok. I
run sid on my workstation and I have no critical infrastrucure to
distrub. but if I was running a RDBS with an old unix distro, I'd want
stability, hence would choose to run 'stable'. 
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