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Re: two basic "new to Debian" questions: network config & RMS

vineyard saker <vineyardsaker@gmail.com>:
>  I just completed a switch from 5 years of Mandrake to Debian
>  GNU/Linux.  The install went well, although I had to use a couple of
>  tricks to configure X and my soundcard.  I now have to basic
>  questions:
> [snip]
>  2) I vaguely remember hearing that there were some disagreements
>  between the Debian team and Richard Stallman but I do not remember
>  what caused it.  Could anyone point me to the right place to read up

RMS seems to have disagreements with just about everyone but himself.
See the latest BS that's going on between Gnu and OpenBSD for
example.  As for where to go to look into it, Google,
lists.debian.org, and debian.org should get you there.

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