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noflushd tries to spin down USB Flash drive.

I've noticed recently that if noflushd is started while a USB flash drive is present noflushd will try and spin down /dev/sda (the flash drive) and ignore /dev/hda.

on these occations "/etc/init.d/noflushd start" says:
Starting No Flush Daemon: pdflush wakeup interval 0 suspiciously low, overriding to 5 seconds

And when it comes time to spin down /dev/hda it doesn't and xconsole says:
Jun 27 22:07:10 capra noflushd[5926]: Spinning down /dev/sda.

Strange. My noflushd file has: PARAMS="-v -n 33,1 /dev/hda" No mention on /dev/sda.

Does this deserve a bug report? or can it be fixed. I'm using Etch.
Thanks again.

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