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Re: svc: bad direction 268435456, dropping request

Hendrik Boom wrote:
> I keep getting the following message showing up on my root consoles:
>>svc: bad direction 268435456, dropping request
> It's been a nuisance during upgrade, because when aptitude decides to
> ask me a configuration question while I'm eating dinner, sometimes
> the question is hopelessly obscured by the time I have to answer it.
> I can only hope the question wasn't really important and press return.
> (sometimes control-L helps.  Sometimes not).
> What is svc?
> What piece of the system emits this?
> What kind of requests are being processed?
> Is it a problem I can fix?
> Or should I just find a way of redirecting
> the message to a safer place?
> I'm using kernel vmlinuz-2.4.16-586.  Would a newer kernel help?
> I googled, and found several discussions that seemed to ask
> nore thatn answer.  The only ultimate cause I found rumoured
> as a possibility as a LAN with duplicate IP numbers.  I don't
> have that problem.
See /etc/syslog.conf and look what is redirected to the console or the
tty of the console...

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