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Re: possibility of debian "cannabilizing" other Linux distributions in 5-10 years time

Lee Braiden wrote:
On Sunday 26 Jun 2005 08:42, Andy Streich wrote:
One might hope so, but many things will have to change.  Today, Debian as a
desktop is only practical where there is strong, nearby, technical support.
Clearly you don't like MS Windows (I don't like MS in general) but it works
out of the box for nearly every user and there is a ton of software that

That's funny, I would say the exact opposite. Debian can be setup to run flawlessly, so that users cannot tamper with it.

Doesn't this presume a business environment with a support staff?  Not
exactly for every home user.  But having said that, it seems Windows is
moving in that direction with online "support."  I hear about ISPs or
cable companies writing draconian contracts, almost lease agreements,
that are voided by users installing a program.  Essentially the
PC becomes an appliance like a cable box that is virtually owned by
the ISP, upgraded without their knowledge, spied on, etc.  And maybe,
in that context, Linux wins.  It's not really the way I want it to
"win," however.

  Windows, on the other hand,
needs constant attention to prevent it falling over due to spyware, viruses, spam, manual software installs and upgrades of using different packaging and distribution systems, users getting into things they shouldn't, and all sorts of other issues.

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