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Re: Kernel Panic After Sarge Dist-upgrade To Kernel Image 2.4.27-2-386

Kent West wrote:

Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

The 2.4.27-2-386 kernel was forced on me by the dist-upgrade.  I planned
on going to the 2.6.6-2-686 kernel and will eventually, probably
soon.  Kent
finally fixed lilo for me so that sarge boots now if you haven't
already read it.
You can, if you will, tell me just how you remove a kernel(outline the
I'm thinking there might be more to it than just aptitude remove(or
purge) the KI.
Once I'm sure, I'll get rid of the 2.4.27* and go to a 2.6.8* KI.

I think kernels are treated a bit differently than are other packages,
in that once installed, there's not an automatic removal mechanism.

Basically when a new Debian kernel is installed via apt[-get|itude]:

* the kernel itself is placed in /boot
* A copy of the corresponding .config file in placed in /boot
* the old symbolic links in / are renamed to "OLD"-type names. This
woulb be /vmlinuz and /initrd.img.
* new symbolic links are created in /. The symlink "/vmlinuz" points to
the new kernel in /boot; the symlink "/initrd.img" points to the
initrd.img in /boot.
* the stanzas in /etc/lilo.conf are updated appropriately, and lilo is run
* the appropriate modules are placed in /lib/modules
* other housekeeping
* you're told to reboot into the new kernel

To uninstall a Debian kernel, you basically undo the above manually. Or
at least that's been my experience. Unless you need the space on / that
deleting /lib/modules/[kernel_version] would free up, I'd just leave the
old kernel on there.

To install a new Debian kernel, find the version you want:
"aptitude search kernel-image-2.6 | grep 686"
should list the Pentium-type 2.6 kernels available.

Then install that kernel:
aptitude install kernel-image-2.6.11-1-686

The problems you had the first go-round was be cause you went from a
non-initrd kernel to an initrd kernel, and you renamed the label in
lilo.conf. Since you're already running an initrd kernel now, the
upgrade process should go much smoother.

Now on to my next
issues, getting pon and wvdial to work under sarge.  Kill one, two
more pop up.

These should be addressed in a new thread.

Also, about activating the lilo menu, How?

I believe you need to uncomment the "prompt" entry in lilo.conf
(remember to rerun lilo).

Thanks for your insight on compiling your own; I'll give it a try soon,

It would be a good education for you, but nowadays, rolling your own is
not much necessary for most users. I recommend it for educational
purposes (really, I do), but the stock Debian kernels will probably
fulfill all your needs for a quite a while.

Hello Kent,

Much obliged for all your help and input. It really helped. As it turned out, the boot issue was a simple item but I'd probably still be looking for the solution and getting more frustrated without your help. I'm going to look for the wvdial and pon solution before posting on them as I'd like to solve it myself. That about covers it for me now.
And thanks again for you help.


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