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Re: lilo and /boot partition confusion

Joe McCool wrote:

Sorry I can't answer the first questions.

I have upgraded from woody to sarge and everything is fine, but when I
try to upgrade from 2.2.20 to 2.4.27, compiling and installing the new
kernel as per the instruction manual, I cannot boot.   (40 40 40 40 or
just Li and never a lilo prompt).

This can happen if your target drive is not the "first drive" in the system,
regardless of what you specified as root drive or boot partition in lilo.conf.
One way to detect this problem is to use one of more -v options with lilo and
interpret the output.  It also warns you about it with a short message even
without the verbose option.

If this is your problem, first remove the "first drive" and other drives
"before" the target boot drive, and boot with rescue floppy or CD kernel,
and on the lilo boot command line point the root to the target drive.  On
the lilo command line, e.g. write "linux root=/dev/hdc3" or whatever your
target root partition is.

There are other reasons why this can happen, including a malformed lilo.conf
file.  Double-check that file, and post it here if you still have any trouble.

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