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Re: dselect and a Recent Experience

Martin McCormick wrote:
	In the spirit of helpfulness on this list, I want to repay
some of the assistance I have gotten from others, here.  This message
is a warning, not a gripe.  I think Linux software is astoundingly
robust.  Like anything, there are gotchas.  I am not sure exactly what
happened, but I last week trashed my system at home while doing a
rather innocent upgrade based upon what dselect computed needed to be
done while installing a single package.

I don't think your problem is with dselect but with your apt configuration
(assuming you have dselect set up to use the apt method).  It probably
started to upgrade automatically as a result of the recent release of sarge.
This will happen automatically if your /etc/apt/sources.list points to
"stable" rather than to "woody."

  I wasn't paying attention
closely enough because things usually work perfectly and what happened
was that a large number of packages got removed and the system ended
up not even being bootable.

The most likely cause is upgrading your kernel without properly
configuring it, or the resulting LILO or GRUB reinstall. Another
possible cause of boot failure is upgrade to udev.  On my
systems I need a console device in /dev before the udev devices are
created, the lack of which causes a boot hang.

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