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Fun with grub

So it finally happened. The hard drive on my old Dell CP 233 laptop that's 
been running Debian Sid for about 3 years now finally bit the dust. 
Fortunately, I had a spare drive to put in it.

So, I've done a fresh install of Sid via the Sarge installer, and everything 
is working pretty well. Everything, except for grub that is. Grub is 
functioning properly, but I'm missing something that I used to have in 
lilo... specifically the
that I had in my old lilo.conf file.

Is there a grub equivalent to this?

I've read the grub man page(s).
I've read the manual at the gnu.org site and a half dozen other sites.
I've gone through about 50 pages of search results.

All I'd like to do is get rid of the default grub menu at boot up and replace 
it with my own message... any ideas out there? Or am I destined to return to 


Return address is obfuscated.
You can reach me via robslaptop (at) gmail dot com

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