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newbie pointers request

Can anyone point me to web-based documentation for newbies that would contain 
tips, hints, and lead-me-by-the-hand directions on configuring my new Sarge 
install?  Or have I just made a big mistake in choosing Debian over, say, any 
one of the 100's of other distributions?  I am familiar with Unix as a user, 
but now I need to learn administration tasks like basic configuration of 
peripherals, system backup, os upgrading, samba config (for a few home 
computers, one running Windoze).  And I like the Debian delevopment 

I'm pretty overwhelmed by the variety of advice I'm get, most of which is 
narrowly focussed on one little aspect of what I need to do.  I'm looking for 
the "guide to new admin's of Debian GNU/Linux system:  the newbie 
version."  (And, no, there is no local unix group in the remote area in which 
I live.)



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