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Re: Current stable kernel 2.6.11?

Rich Marsh:
> I have recently installed Sarge, and would like to run the latest stable 
> kernel.  When browsing ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/k/ I 
> noticed that in addition to the 2.6.8 kernel, there was also a 2.6.11 
> kernel as well.

Yes, but note that the 2.6.11 images belong to testing/unstable. The
usual restrictions concerning security support apply.

(Although, currently the security system is currently broken anyway,

>  I haven't seen much mention of it here and wanted to 
> find out if it is stable.

Well, is the latest branch of the "stable" 2.6 line. I cannot
tell you whether it is stable on your machine, according to your
specific needs. I try to run always the latest kernels on my laptop, but
it is probably not as important as your server. ;-)

I'd say: if you don't need new features in 2.6.11 and have neither
stability nor security issues with your current kernel then stick with
it. Don't fix it if it aint broken.

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