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Re: Setting up PostgreSQL on Debian...

How do you sign into pgAccess as the user with the creation
privileges? I didn't see a place to log on directly in pgAccess. Does
it use the permissions of whatever current user is logged into Debian?

If I have a user created for Debian, do I simply log in as postgres
and grant that user the create privileges?

Are the "Debian System" users and the PostgreSQL users the same? (For
example, If I create a new Linux user JoeBlow, is he already a
PostgreSQL user by default? Or would I have to create a "Postgresql"
user called JoeBlow also?)

Thanks for the help.


On 6/14/05, Clive Menzies <clive@clivemenzies.co.uk> wrote:
> On (13/06/05 20:41), John Hasler wrote:
> > I get exactly the same error here.  The user I am running pgAccess as is a
> > PostgreSQL user.  When I run psql I can create the database and then open
> > it in pgAccess, but I can't create it in pgAccess.
> >
> > Looks like a but.
> but what? ;)
> It's not a bug.  If you've created a user and you want that user to be
> able to create databases or users, you need to grant those privileges,
> initially, as user postgres:
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