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Re: [newbie] Cannot login as root (not a passwd issue)

Fernando Cacciola:
> I'm new to debian (knoppix 3.8.1 on HDD) and to linux in general.

Welcome. :-)

> So far everything works like a charm, except for one thing, the system
> is configured to disallow root login...

Where? You are trying to login as root via your display manager
(graphical login prompt like kdm or gdm)? As others have said, that is a
bad idea and there is no reason to ever do that.

> I know that suing is inherently more secure but for some tasks I rather
> login straight as root.

Then at least use the console. You'll want to become familiar with it

> I modified the file apt.d/login (or something like that), commenting out
Please try to be concise. It's hard to help somebody if you have to
guess a lot.

You can allow root logins via your display manager by editing it's
configuration file or some GUI configuration tool. For gdm it is
gdm-config, I think. You then most probably have to restart your
X-Session to use the new settings (e.g. via Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to make
sure X is completely restarted).

But again, I see no reason to do that. AFAIK every Gnome or KDE system
configuration tool will use something like gksu or a builtin method to
gain root privileges when needed.

> P.S: The bootlog indicates a number of varying failures which may or
> maynot be important.. the system seems to work well AFAICT but I haven't
> yet tried, say, printing, etc... should I post to log here to let you
> folks analyze it, or should I just ingore it until I can make any sense
> out of it?

If it is just some modules not being loaded, that's probably fine. There
is some hardware detection going on and of course not every possible
device is found. You can also edit /etc/default/bootlogd and set
BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=Yes and look at /var/log/boot. That gives you a little
more time to read all those messages. If you think, there is still
something suspicious, you're welcome to ask here.

> P.S.: To what debian does knoopix 3.8.1 installed on hd corresponds to?

Knoppix is always a mixture of stable, testing and unstable. You can
only tell that for each single package. Some of them are patched
versions, which you will not find in Debian, I suppose. You can still
try to make it a real Debian installation by adjusting your sources.list
and sticking to one of the distributions (preferably stable). Although
that may lead to problems, since Knoppix' package versions may be more
recent than the ones from sarge.

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