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Re: have to reload the CD again ?

Hello *,

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 12:48:57PM +0100, belahcene wrote:
> I downloded some CD of debian-31r0 ( 1 to 5 ), after that the iso have 
> changed to debian-31r0a,   must I to reloaded what I have done, or only 
> to continue with the new CD's ( debian-31r0a-6 to  debian-31r0a-14 ).
> in fact I don't need the update-security.

If you really really don't need security updates, there is no need to
download anything again.
If you do need security updates, and you need correct installation
discs, possibly for a large number of installation, now and in the
future, it will be enough to download the changes, preferrably via the
jigdo tool.
If you do need security updates and it is a one-time install, follow
the instructions in


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