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Re: sid upgrade

Paras pradhan:
> I am using debian unstable. yesterday i did apt-get dist-upgrade and
> after that when restarting the gnome session, error of nautilus is
> reported and gnome did't start.

Doing a dist-upgrade of unstable  may be dangerous these times.  You
have to take care yourself that apt doesn't remove packages you need.

Currently, there is a mixture of Gnome 2.10 and Gnome 2.8 in unstable so
I am not suprpised if some programs fail.  It's probably just a matter
of time until all Gnome packages are version 2.10.

> what sud i do now.. i cannot use gnome beacuse of this nautilus.

You should downgrade to stable or at least testing if you cannot cope
with problems like this.  Honest, it will save you a lot of trouble. You
can update to a more recent distribution at any later time when you feel
more familiar with how apt works and how package updates are processed
in general. And if you come back to unstable, say, in half a year, the
most disruptive changes planned for Etch should have already been
tested quite well.

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