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Re: dselect Issue

Hi Stephen,

On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 08:18:08PM +1000, Stephen Grant Brown wrote:
> When running dselect it now wants to download about 80mB, remove programs I
> want and install new programs when I go to install..
> How do I tell it to leave the system as it is?

Don't run it? ;-)

Seriously, dselect probably has a good reason to do this. A program
that you requested to install probably has some dependencies that
conflict with some programs that are already installed. It should have
presented you with a screen stating the conflict and asking you how to
solve it. To get that screen again you can go to Select in the main
menu. Then tell it to install those programs again that it has doomed
for removal. Dselect should now complain and present you with the
screen that mentions the problems. That screen should have all the
info you need to at least be able to understand why dselect is
harassing you and hopefully be able to fix it.

If it doesn't work, please give some more info, like the packages
involved and their version numbers (currently installed version and to
be installed version).


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