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Apache2 SetHandler / Action

I've just upgraded to apache2 on a Sarge system. I had a config script in /etc/apache/conf.d which I've moved to /etc/apache2/conf.d, but although it worked in Apache 1.3 it doesn't yet work in Apache 2.

The config file does this:

Action cvs-handler /cgi-bin/cvs_extractor.py

## Script files
<Location /scripts>
Allowoverride none
Order allow,deny
Allow from
Options FollowSymLinks
SetHandler cvs-handler

When I try to access a file at http://server/scripts/example the Apache error log simply shows "File does not exist: /var/www/scripts".

mod_actions.so is loaded (according to phpinfo()); the config file above is being read (if I change the Allow line to Deny from all, access is denied), but the handler (cvs_extractor.py) is never called.

Probably something obvious, but any ideas appreciated.

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