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Re: PPPD exit code 2

On 06/03/2005 10:26:34 AM, Lee Braiden wrote:
On Friday 03 Jun 2005 13:26, xxx xxx wrote:
> Pon isn't working!!! I mean it dials, but Mozilla isn't connecting.
> surfing as root...
> Please Help!

Did you add yourself to the dialout and dip groups, and then logout
and in
again, as instructed?  It should work, if so.

But if not, you can login as a normal user, and use su to become root,
pon, and still run other programs to browse as a normal user.   With
you could automate the permission change, so that a button on your
could become root and dialup or disconnect. There are many ways to do
but it works for everyone else, so try the steps above first.

Not necessarily, I had problems with the permissions on the ppp* executables and had to muck with them a little bit to get access as a regular user...

Have had similar problems with other debian distros (Mepis, Ubuntu, Knoppix) but not always the same solution. Somtime it was a misconfigured /etc/ppp/options file. That really cranked me up!! Users shouldn't have to dig into man pppd and the options file to use dialup. It should just work right out of the box...

Oh well..  That's my 2 cents worth of hot air today.. :-)

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