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vesa-framebuffer is not working

Dear all,
 I have integrated VGA based on KM400 chipset from VIA.
 when I boot from *lnx-bbc* and *Knoppix* I can see the boot-logo.  now I have 
configured  2.6.10 kernel from debian and enable framebuffer-support, 
 vesa-support,linux-logo support  all as *built-in features*
 but the newly build kernel can't show any logo. I have checked and logo 
 graphics are there in the source.
 *dmesg|grep vesa*  shows ---> vesafb: probe of vesafb0 failed with error -6
in debian 2.6.10

 but the same command from *lnx-bbc* displays a few lines about vesafb 
 information. so vesafb is there in my vga. how can I enable it in debian 
 kernel 2.6.10 ? please note I have also manually use 
 *video=vesa:ypan,inverse* when booting from build kernel but can't see any 
 logo.  could anyone  help to solve the problem ?

please CC to me  .  thanks 

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