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Re: Will Sid go nuts?

Patrick Wiseman wrote:
On 6/2/05, Colin <cwvca_SPAMNOT@hotmail.com> wrote:

You'll want to change "testing" to "sarge" if you want a stable system. If
you leave it at testing, the system will go "haywire" a couple of weeks
from now when etch becomes the new testing.

So this answer to a FAQ is false?

5.6 What does the testing directory contain?

Packages are installed into the `testing' directory after they have
undergone some degree of testing in unstable.

They must be in sync on all architectures where they have been built
and mustn't have dependencies that make them uninstallable; they also
have to have fewer release-critical bugs than the versions currently
in testing [unstable?]. This way, we hope that `testing' is always
close to being a release candidate.

That doesn't sound as if it's about to go haywire.

OK.  Let me explain this better.  Right now, sarge is in "frozen" which
means only critical bugs are allowed into it.  In a couple of days
(hopefully), sarge with become stable and etch will become the new testing.
The system will once again allow packages to come into testing (which is
now "etch") from unstable after 2 to 10 days of no critical bug
submissions.  The developers will be allowed to submit packages into
unstable that they were not allowed to during the freeze.  This is usually
a *lot* of packages.  So, a couple of days after all these packages are
submitted, they will eventually find their way into testing.  If you can
put up with that sudden wave of packages a couple of days after sarge is
released (and a steady stream of updates after that), then keep on using
"testing".  If you just want security fixes, use "sarge".

I'm a Debian noob and don't understand...
Won't , Sarge become Stable, Sid become Testing, whatever ("etch"??) become

Also, this thread is in regard to Sid.. What happens to Sid if not become


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