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Re: Will Sid go nuts?

On 6/2/05, Colin <cwvca_SPAMNOT@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Patrick Wiseman wrote:
> > No - the original poster suggested that both testing and unstable were
> > problematic after the last stable release.  So I was concerned that
> > the new 'testing' would be flaky for a while.  I've found the current
> > testing, which I've had in my sources.list for a couple of years now,
> > mostly reliable, with the occasional glitch.  I can continue to live
> > with that.  In other words, cutting edge is OK, but bleeding edge is a
> > bit too much for me!
> >
> > Thanks for everyone's advice.  I think I'll stick with testing for now.
> >
> You'll want to change "testing" to "sarge" if you want a stable system.  If
> you leave it at testing, the system will go "haywire" a couple of weeks
> from now when etch becomes the new testing.

So this answer to a FAQ is false?

5.6 What does the testing directory contain?

Packages are installed into the `testing' directory after they have
undergone some degree of testing in unstable.

They must be in sync on all architectures where they have been built
and mustn't have dependencies that make them uninstallable; they also
have to have fewer release-critical bugs than the versions currently
in testing [unstable?]. This way, we hope that `testing' is always
close to being a release candidate.

That doesn't sound as if it's about to go haywire.


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