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Re: Reverting mixed system to stable?

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 12:53:15PM -0400, KEVIN ZEMBOWER wrote:
> Is there a clear way to use Debian package maintenance tools to revert this system back to 'stable?' Will this method remove any packages which aren't part of the 'stable' branch (this is what I hope it would do)?
> Thank you all for your help and suggestions. If this is a FAQ, please forgive me; I wasn't able to find it in my searches.

Reverting from one distribution to an earlier one is completely
unsupported.  Especially if you were originally on Woody and went to
Sarge (testing).  There have been so many fundamental changes to the way
that the packages are organized, that going back is sure to only cause

Your two options are:

1) Change your sources to sarge (to ensure you don't continue to track
Etch when it becomes testing), and upgrade the whole system.  Sarge is
about to go officially stable, so this is not really that bad.

2) Rebuild the system, as you have suggested.  My only question is, why
bother?  If you feel you may need to rebuild, you might as well go the
whole upgrade route first.  Since the worst thing that can happen is
that you end up needing a reinstall.  Which you already expect you may
have to do.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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