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Reverting mixed system to stable?

I have a production web server which ran happily under Debian stable for years. I wanted to try to experiment with Apache2, and therefore changed the apt-get configuration to use pining and tried to just install Apache2 from 'testing.' When numerous messages came back regarding other package, such as libraries, which needed to be upgraded, I answered 'yes.'

The system seemed to run well for a while, but I recently needed to reboot the system because of a kernel update. When I did, php4 and MySQL would no longer talk to each other. I've been working on this problem for two days now, but haven't been able to fix it. In addition, I didn't like the more frequent updates required in the 'testing' environment, and would like to revert the entire system back to 'stable.'

Is there a clear way to use Debian package maintenance tools to revert this system back to 'stable?' Will this method remove any packages which aren't part of the 'stable' branch (this is what I hope it would do)?

Thank you all for your help and suggestions. If this is a FAQ, please forgive me; I wasn't able to find it in my searches.

-Kevin Zembower

E. Kevin Zembower
Internet Systems Group manager
Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Center for Communications Programs
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, MD  21202

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