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Re: Debian Sarge - What happened to tasksel?

I didn't meet tasksel as well, but you'd be better off using apt-get combined with aptitude (cli) or synaptic (gui).

On 6/2/05, Redefined Horizons < redefined.horizons@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm a Debian and Linux noobie, so go easy one me....

I successfully installed Debian Woody from CD. (I don't yet have an
internet connection on my Linux box.)

I downloaded all 14 CDs for Debain Sarge, and successfully made it
through that install process.

However, I don't remember being prompted for the "tasksel" step during
the Sarge install like I was during the Woody install. With Woody,
X-Server and Gnome were installed automatically, after I selected them
in the "tasksel" step. But I have neither one with my Sarge install.

Can I run "tasksel" from the command line after I have finished the
install on Sarge? Or do I need to try and install X-Server and Gnome
using apt?

How do I access the "tasksel" step during the Sarge installation?

Thanks for the help.

The Sunburned Surveyor

With best wishes!
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