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udev, usb mouse et Xfree

I have a little problem with my X, usb mouse and udev.

It works great, udev make a symlink from /dev/input/mouseX to /dev/usbmouse.  
In my X config , I use /dev/usbmouse.

The problem is when I remove and try to replug my mouse.  I can't get it to 
work anymore.  If I use a symlink from /dev/usbmouse to /dev/input/mouse0, 
when I replug the mouse, the /dev/input/mouse0 is not accessible anymore 
(used by X?) and udev set the mouse to mouse1 (or mouse2 then my touchpas is 

I tried to tell udev to name my mouse /dev/usbmouse (not a symlink).  It 
works, even in X, but I can't use the mouse in X.  'cat /dev/usbmouse' give 
me output, but no screen movement...

Is there a trick to be able to (un)plug the usb mouse and still be able tu use 

	Nic Cola
()  ascii ribbon campaign - against html e-mail 
/\                        - against microsoft attachments

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