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Display/resolution problems

I just switched over from Ubuntu since debian has no problem working
with my MP3 player, but now i have a new problem. The display on my
laptop is sitting inside a black box/border, makeing approx half of my
screen just black. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV26 notebook, which comes
with the ATI mobility 345 video card. anyone run into a similar
problem or anyone have any ideas that they think i might want to try?
My monitor usually runs at 1024x768, with a refresh of 60Hz, at least
thats what it was in Windoze. I set that during the initial install,
but now on boot it only has options for 800x600 and whatever the one
below that is (which makes my screen totally unreadable, with lines
blasting back and forth across the screen) Ubuntu by default came up
with the right settings, so i have never had this problem in the past.
If i remember correctly suse didnt have a problem either..i would like
to stay with debian if possible. But the monitor issue will have to be
resolved. I did a slight amout of tinkering with
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4, but from fear of doin too much damage without
knowing what i was doing i stopped. THanks for NE help in advance.

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